Bullying is omnipresent in our society, inevitably shaping the psyche of our youth — and contributing to the bedrock of our future. The protective veil afforded by the popularity of social media for bullying’s perpetrators has compounded the phenomenon, causing many of us to ask: what can we do about it?

#IMPERFECT — a double entendre of “I’m perfect” and “imperfect” — is a multidisciplinary performance for the stage, social media campaign, and limited edition apparel line created by Brooklyn-based choreographer and pioneer of flexing Drew Dollaz. Drawing parallels between childhood bullying and the history of ancestral traumas carried down through our lineages, this work considers how these cumulative scars can allow racism, sexism, and homophobia to manifest.

Featuring choreography by Dollaz performed by him alongside other dancers, music by Val Inc., photography by Dollaz, and data visualization drawing from bullying statistics coded by creative technologist Luke DuBois, #IMPERFECT takes its audience on a journey to unpack how social media’s web of filters and likes play a central role in today’s ideals of perfection.

This work calls forward all forms of bullying by stripping away embellished ideas of perfection, encouraging us to begin a heartfelt dialogue: how do we neutralize bullying? How can we create critical mass behind curtailing this phenomenon at inception, and establish support systems for one another? Through this conversation, the scars of imperfection that persist into adulthood are no longer portals for harmful behaviors, and are rather accepted and used as a tool to strengthen self and community.

#IMPERFECT is currently in creative development, slated for premiere in 2020. We are raising money for help with the development of this performance. An excerpt of this work debuted on the main stage of Budapest’s Sziget Festival in August 2019 to an audience of 75,000.

Imperfect Campaign 1-2.jpg